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Euromask adhesive tapes are innovative, born from our passion for research and our wish to offer always the best products

New Waterproof and Super Duct line

Adhesive tapes with excellent water resistance, and perfect hold on porous and irregular surfaces with high thickness.

Euromask products

Here you can find our whole range: products for building, car body repairs, high precision works and lots more


High performance adhesive tapes

Discover more about our range of adhesive tapes for professional and do-it-yourself applications

Guaranteed adhesiveness

When speaking of car body repairs and adhesive tapes, there are two main problems: where do we find a residue-free tape that resists to high temperatures? Click to discover all about the most suitable tapes for your business!

Crêpe paper tapes: no more smudged curves

Do you wish to repaint your white walls but you fear that the paint will smudge and ruin the result?
Are you thinking of using a special painting that requires great precision? Euromask has the right solution for you!