Euromask: history and future

Born in 1969, Euromask works today at an international level, benefitting from a young and dynamic team, always ready to experiment with new technologies to help the company reach successfully the new millennium.

Our strength is the absolute care we pay to our customers; that is why we offer a wide range of high quality products:

Masking tapes

  • Adhesive tapes for applications in the building and do-it-yourself sectors, specially designed for indoor use, compatible with the most common paints and good adhesiveness on irregular surfaces.
  • High thickness tapes suitable for applications in the industrial and indoor painting, building and construction industries, as well as for general purpose works, that don’t require resistance to high temperatures.
  • Adhesive tapes for the car body repair industry, with high thermal resistance (up to 80 °C) and residue-free removal, so that they don’t damage the paints below.
  • High precision adhesive tapes, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications on numerous surfaces, to achieve extremely regular and accurate paint edges.

Special tapes

They have special features, such as high thermal resistance, waterproof support and residue-free removal.


Packaging tapes

Suitable for light, medium and heavy weights, for both professional and do-it-yourself applications.


Accessories for building

They ensure maximum cleanliness and protection of the floors, furniture and fastenings from every seepage of paint, water, dust and humidity. We can also offer a specially designed tape for joints on plasterboard and polystyrene.

For 50 years we have been standing out for our professionalism and flexibility; these qualities allow us to offer custom printed tapes with the requested logo and colours, thus meeting the customers’ requirements and being competitive even in the most complex markets.

Our markets